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Chillax and cheer Artomic throw pillows are here!

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Final-Sofa-layout-02aArtomic throw pillow designs are an alternative way to spruce up your swag. No more tacky mainstream commercialized throw pillows from the malls. Our unique designs are conceptualized and rendered creatively to match your individual and unique mojo. Our pool of graphic artist contributors creatively design each from scratch or mash-up old and new pop cultural artworks and photos to create a new unique design.

Conveniently sized at 15″ x 15
(inches) and 13.5″ x 13.5,” Artomic throw pillows can easily fit and boost the bling factor of your sofa, office chair and even inside your car. Our pillow cases are made of high quality fabrics and sewn by international standards for durability.

Browse our design collection below. Find the ones you like and order it online (yup, no more Manila traffic hassles) and have it delivered to your Metro Manila address, provincial address or pick it up at our designated spot in Mandaluyong City if you live nearby.

Browse on and have a blast!

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Artomic Throw Pillows are conveniently sized at 15″ x 15″ (inches) and 13.5″ x 13.5.” It can easily fit your sofa, office chair and even inside your car. Grab a few and boost the bling factor of your swag now.

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